Haiti Missions 2017 // All the Details

All the Details

Two Trips:

  • April 21-24
  • September 30 - October 6

April Trip:  On this trip we will spend two days in the city of Calas. Our goal is provide an opportunity for those who have never been to Haiti to get a glimpse of the culture and to begin building relationships. Those who participate will get to eat some typical Haitian meals, worship with our family in Haiti, and relax and play with the church in Calas. This trip will allow more of our church family to glimpse the vision of Gospel reconciliation in Haiti.

September Trip: This trip will be a bit more on the “get dirty” side. We will be entering into the daily rhythms of the church in Calas. School will be in session and the rhythms of the church family will be evident. There will be times of training and learning as well as worship and prayer. We have not taken a trip like this one yet, so we are still working on some of the details. 


  • The Haiti Collective (US Side)
  • SCH (Haiti Side)
  • Immanuel Church (Birmingham, AL)

Trip Capacity:

  • April:  4-7 people
  • September:  8-12 people

Travel Plans:

We will be traveling via American Airlines. Our exact plans will be detailed as we get closer to purchasing tickets. As a general rule, flights out of the US leave early in the morning, and we typically arrive in Port Au Prince around 1-2pm. After landing, there is about a 3.5 hour drive to the place we stay for the week. On return trips flights typically leave around 3pm and arrive in the US around 11pm. We are hoping to fly out of Nashville this year (instead of Birmingham) as prices have dropped recently. 

April Costs (Approximate):

  • $440 - Daily Cost ($110 / day)
  • $605 - Plane Ticket
  • $1045 - Total

September Costs (Approximate):

  • $770 - Daily Cost ($110 / day)
  • $600 - Plane Ticket
  • $1370 - Total

Additional Costs:

  • $135 - Passport
  • $50 - $150 - Vaccinations / Meds (Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Malaria)
  • $50 - $100 - Spending Money
  • $100 - $400 - Total


Everyone who wants to go on this trip will be responsible for raising their own funds. Please remember, if God is leading you to be a part of this trip, He will provide for your needs! An easy way to fundraise for a trip like this is to send out personal letters to friends and family and ask them for help. Attached below (in the packet) are a few sample letters that you are free to use / tweak for this purpose. 

Additional Details:

There is a lot of additional information in the packet attached below. If you are prayerfully considering participating in this trip, please read everything thoroughly. All participants must also fill out a trip application. All questions can be directed to Kyle Mountsier (kyle@resonatemadison.org).