Prepare for Sunday // August 7

The Gathering  //  Sundays at 10am

In the book You Can Change, Tim Chester states: "The instinct to self-atone runs deep in our hearts. We want to make amends for our sin on our own. But God has done it all through Christ" (26).

This is glorious good news. God does require atonement, but God has provided the atonement He requires through Jesus. The gospel says, "You don't have to do anything to earn God's favor because Jesus earned it for you."

However, if we're honest, we sort of hate this news too. We desperately want to self-atone. We want to save ourselves rather than look to Christ. The gospel is so offensive to our pride that it's actually a dangerous message. And followers of Jesus will find that they're called to live dangerous lives. That's what Shane is talking about this weekend. Don't miss it! 

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