Prepare for Sunday // August 14

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This past week I (Ben) was approached by a door-to-door salesman selling "christian" books in my neighborhood. You've probably been approached by similar salesmen. They always have a large family bible for you to buy, books about hope, books about the rapture and the future of the world, and children's books about Old Testament heroes.

If I can be completely honest, I had no interest in any of the books, but I was very tempted to mess with the guy who was selling them. I wanted to ask him about these heroes in the Bible, like David the adulterer, or Jonah the racist. I didn't do it, but I was tempted.

Now in one sense, David and Jonah are heroes, but they're flawed heroes at best. There really is only one hero in the Bible, and his name is Jesus! The whole Bible is about Jesus, and he's the central figure – the hero – of the whole book.

So often we miss this truth. Everything in the Bible points to Jesus. And everything in our lives should point to Jesus. He is the hero not only of the Bible, but also of our lives. When we tell people about ourselves is it glaringly obvious that Jesus is the hero of our story? That's what Shane will be talking about this weekend as we examine the Apostle Paul and his story. 

Prepare for Sunday

Read and Meditate - Acts 21:37 - 22:29
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