Prepare for Sunday: July 10

The Gathering

Sundays  //  10:00am

This week as we study Acts 21, pastor Brett will be talking to us about what it means to have a life prioritized by the Gospel. The Apostle literally said at one point that he was willing to become "all things to all people" in order that more people would be saved by Jesus. He was willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of the gospel.

This may sound like a miserable life, but it's actually quite the opposite. To forsake everything, but to have God, is to have everything. This week on, one blogger summed it up this way:

But the most miserable Christians I’ve seen are those who live with a foot in both worlds.

They hedge their bets. They have one eye on heaven and one on earth. They call on the name of Christ, but they still try to find security, satisfaction, pleasure, or fulfillment from this world. They’re riding the fence. And they’re not happy (article here).

The happiest people in the world are the people passionately in love with Jesus. Join us this week as we consider what it means to have a life prioritized by the gospel.

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