Women's Brunch

Wanna have brunch?  We knew you did!  

We are going to gather together on March 12th from 10am - 12pm to have brunch, and to discuss DNAs. DNAs are one of the primary ways we grow as disciples of Jesus as part of Resonate Church. Ideally, a DNA is made up of 3-4 women who meet weekly for about an hour and a half. They meet to dive into Scripture together allowing it to expose sin, sanctify, and encourage us as we grow in grace. However, we know that this has been a difficult thing for many of us to do.  

Our goal for the morning will be to hear from people whose DNAs are working well, to explain clearly the purpose of DNAs, to teach what should be happening in our DNAs, and to help you connect with one if you need to.

This is for you if you have a DNA that's working or DNA that's not working. This is for you if you don't have a DNA and want one. This is for you if you don't have a DNA, and you're not sure if you even want one. 

A fabulous waffle bar and childcare will be provided!  See you there!

Men, if you can help with childcare, please see Brett McIntosh.

To sign up (it's free), please go to:  https://dnabrunch.eventbrite.com