Elder Commissioning

Elder Commissioning Next Week  //  February 28

Next week will be an extremely exciting time in the life of Resonate Church. Lord willing, we will be commissioning Brett McIntosh, Kyle Mountsier, and JJ Benson as elders of Resonate Church. As part of this special week of worship, our friend and brother Chuck Gschwend will be delivering the sermon. Don’t miss out on this special worship gathering!

Just as a reminder, please continue to:

  • Pray for Brett, Kyle, and JJ. 
  • Read over the qualifications for an elder in 1 Timothy 3.
  • If there is any reason why one of these men SHOULD NOT be affirmed as an elder, please come speak to Shane privately and make this known. 

Resonate Kids Next Week

There will be no Resonate Kids next week during our Elder Commissioning Service. This is a special time in the life of our church, and we feel everyone (including kids) should be part of the worship gathering. Parents this is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about what an elder is. Elders are men who have been called by God to lead Resonate Church under the authority of King Jesus. 

The toddler room will be open for parents to use during the Gathering, but one parent must be present with their child(ren) at all times.