Elder Candidate: Kyle Mountsier


I'm married to Amanda and have two kids: Jack and Ansley

How did you come to know Jesus?

I grew up with parents who loved and served God. What I can especially remember about growing up was that my parents showed me what a gospel-changed life looked like. I am one of those people who questions everything, and I would always drill my mom and dad about the truths spelled out in the Bible. God used this to lead me to repentance, and by God's grace, I was made aware of his salvation for me at the age of seven. I cannot say that since then life has been all roses. Sometimes I tend to make it look that way, but really if it were not for the grace of God, my life would messed up. Jesus is continuing to change and mold me, and He continues to show me what a gospel-changed life really looks like.


I watch, play, and dream about soccer. I love to drink and slow-brew speciality coffee. I’m passionate about playing, discovering, and listening to music.

Most Influential Books (Outside of the Bible)

Can You Drink the Cup? - Henri Nouwen
Date Your Wife - Justin Buzzard
Christian Beliefs - Wayne Grudem
The Meaning of Marriage - Tim Keller


My parents have been particularly influential in my growth. I am extremely grateful for their leadership in my life. When I was just out of college, I was led by a pastor in Cincinnati named Tim Dunn. Tim greatly influenced me as a leader and servant. And there are countless others that have helped me grow along the way. It’s a miracle that God does not leave us out to dry but has given us family in order to show us Christ.

What are Your Hopes / Dreams for the Resonate Family?

I want the people of Resonate Church to be so overwhelmed by the Gospel that is flows out of us in everyday life. A gospel-centered life is infectious. As we go about life living as a family of missionary servants, it should be impossible for people to not ask us "what is different." Instead of just throwing around the term "gospel saturation," I want us to be living proof of Jesus is a real, amazing savior. This will bring glory to God and people in Nashville will be saved. I believe that God has called Resonate Church to be part of his mission in Nashville. And here is the great part . . . GOD WINS!