Prepare for Sunday // October 23

The Gathering  //  Sundays at 10am

Join us for the second and final week of our mini-series "A Beautiful Design." Two weeks ago Shane began the series by examining the origins of sexuality, gender, and our identity as sons and daughters of God. This Sunday, he'll follow up on that sermon and dive more deeply into issues of sex, sexuality, sexual identity, and gender. This is an important message, don't miss it!

Why this series right now?

As a church, Resonate strives to be a people who are so loving and welcoming to those struggling with sexual sin, that people begin to wonder where we stand on these issues. These questions are being asked, and we feel that it's time to provide some clarity.


Since mature topics of pornography, adultery, homosexuality, and gender identity will be discussed, a separate Resonate Next class will be offered for kids to attend instead at each parent's discretion.