Elder Candidates

As most of you know, yesterday during our gathering, we had planned to present 3 men for elder candidacy. In order for the Resonate family to have adequate time to test these men and give any reason why they should not be elders, the presentation of these men has happened virtually.

I am honored to present the following men as elder candidates: 

  • Brett Mcintosh
  • Kyle Mountsier
  • JJ Benson 

Most of you already know and love these men. They have all three been a faithful part of the Resonate family since we began in the back room of the Madison Shoneys in 2011. Over the course of the last few years we have been able to watch each one grow in his affections for the Lord. We have been able to see their “progress” (1 Tim. 4:15) in the gospel. I have witnessed these men grow greatly, not only in their desire for Jesus, but in their desire to shepherd this flock. Many of you are able to testify to this as well. Over the past 16 months each of these men have submitted themselves to a very rigorus elder training process that probed deeply into personal histories, stories of conversion, marriages / family life, theological convictions, and most importantly character.

We have seen the Holy Spirit use this process to show evidences of grace in the lives of these men. They are not perfect men, and they are aware of this. They are men who admit that they are in desperate need of Jesus in order to live, lead, shepherd, and teach. In order to be thorough in this elder training and assessment process, I felt it necessary to seek outside advice from other elders who are part of the Soma family. Based on everything that we have seen, read, and heard, these three men meet the qualifications for an elder spelled out in the New Testament. 

Click here to see elder qualifications

There is no human process that is perfect, and we realize that everything this side of Jesus’ second coming is tainted with the stain of sin; however, we do believe that the Spirit has been at work in and through this process. We believe that the next step is for you, Resonate Church, to affirm these men as your pastors. 

Here’s how you to do this: 

  • Over the next 30 days, take time to pray for Brett, Kyle, and JJ. 
  • Take time to look over the qualifications for an elder - click here
  • If there is any reason why one of these men SHOULD NOT be affirmed as an elder, please come speak to me privately and make this known. 

Each week leading up to February 28th, you will be reminded to pray for these men, their wives, and their children. You will be reminded to bring any questions of character or theology forward. 

On February 28th during our Sunday morning gathering, Lord willing, we will install these men as elders. Our brother, Chuck Gschwend, will be with us to exhort and encourage these men and our church family as we move forward. I believe that the New Testament shows us that the best way for a local church to be governed is by a plurality of men whose lives are submitted to our Senior Pastor, Jesus. I’m excited for this, family!

If there are any questions or comments about anything, please feel free to email, call, or text me. This is a very pivotal time in the life of our church, and I look forward to the days ahead.