Resonate Kids: NEXT

A Class for Kids:  6 Years Old - 4th Grade

Starting in October, Resonate will begin offering a class for kids:  6 years old through 4th grade. This class will occur once a month (on the first Sunday of every month) during the Sunday morning service. Children will accompany their parents at the beginning of the worship service, and then during the Passing of the Peace (the greeting time) kids will be dismissed* to learn in a classroom setting.

The material we'll be teaching each month is "The Story of God for Kids." Children will learn about the Big Story of the Bible and how it all centers on Jesus. Each month, they'll hear a story from the Bible, discuss how it points to Jesus, and practice re-telling the story to each other in creative ways.

NEXT is going to be led by Josh and Loree Eaker, who have extensive experience teaching kids about God. During NEXT, kids will meet in the "office area" which we are currently renovating to be a more appropriate space for learning.

Our Kids Ministry (8 weeks - 5 years) does an amazing job of  teaching our little ones about God. If you see Amanda or Cheryl, let them know how awesome they are for leading Resonate Kids!  

However, until now, Resonate hasn't offered a ministry for children once they turn 6. We believe parents are the primary disciple-makers of their children, but we also desire to be a church that reinforces what parents are already teaching their kids about Jesus. That's why we're starting NEXT, and that's why we'll continue to expand our ministries as Resonate grows and God provides the opportunities.

If you are interested in helping out with NEXT, please email Josh Eaker. And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Email Josh:

* As will all kids activities, safety is a top priority. Parents will still need to "check-in" their children. This check-in process will occur during the Passing of the Peace, and parents will check-out their kids following the service.