Pray for Haiti

Please pray for the church in Calas, Haiti and our mission team (Kyle Mountsier, Robbie Melton, & Rhoda Kratz). Our folks, together with a small team from Immanuel Church in Birmingham, are flying out this morning to minister in Haiti for the next several days.

While in Haiti, our team will help build and install much needed water purifiers for the church in Calas and offer training for the leaders in the church. Specifically (and this is really cool) they'll be training leaders in how to teach the Story of God (the same Story of God that we all use in all our missional communities). 

Finally, thanks to the generosity of the people of Resonate, we're bringing over 100 pairs of shoes (and some pretty cool soccer balls - thanks NFC Roadies!!!) to the children who are part of the church in Calas.

Please pray that this trip would offer encouragement and gospel advancement in Haiti. Pray that the Holy Spirit would open doors and move as only He can. Pray for our folks by name! We can't wait to hear what God does!