The Pulse: A Call to Be "All In"

A call to be “all in”

The past several weeks on Sunday mornings we have sought to answer the following questions: 

  • What is the foundational message of Resonate Church?
  • Who is Resonate Church in light of this message? 
  • What is our purpose? (In light of who we are, what do we do?) 
  • How do we live this out? 

I hope that you have been encouraged, blessed, and informed throughout this series. If you missed a week or two, I’d encourage you to go back and listen. If there are questions, please feel free to contact me via email or in person. I'm happy to have a conversation related to anything that has been covered thus far. 



The question that we seek to answer this Sunday is: “What does it look like to commit myself to living this way in everyday life?” Another way to say this is: "What does it look like to be an 'all in' member of Resonate Church?"

Some of you may have just tuned out when I used the word “member.” And I totally understand that the term “church membership” has it’s share of baggage––perhaps especially if you grew up in the Bible-Belt-South. 

However, the term “member” is actually a biblical term to indicate that you are part of something larger than yourself (e.g. - a finger or arm is a member of the body). Individuals who have been saved and set free by the work of Jesus have been made a part of his body (the church). And while there is no verse that explicitly says “thou shalt be a member of the local church,” we believe that Scripture is filled with passages that teach us that the only way to truly love, honor, and follow Jesus is through the local church.

For example, we cannot practice the "one another passages" (like love one another - 1 John 3:11) except in the context of an ongoing committed community. Also, we cannot practice the process of discipline and restoration (1 Corinthians 5:1-13, Matthew 18:15-17) or call on the elders to pray for us (James 5:13-14) without a definable church community. To follow Jesus as described in the New Testament, is to be a committed member of the local church. 

The book of Acts tells us on numerous occasions that the Apostles knew the number of people who were committed to following Jesus. The Apostles knew the people that God had appointed them to care for. How did they know these people specifically? They knew them because the people were committed to the Apostles teaching, to the breaking of bread, to prayer, to one another. 


Prepare for Sunday

Prior to Sunday, take some time to familiarize youself with the membership covenant. On Sunday, I will explain the covenant in more detail as I preach from Matthew 22 and explain how we are committing to Go, Gather, Grow, and Give together as members of Resonate Church.

One thing is certain, our purpose is not to make more church members––our calling from Jesus is clear––We desire to make disciples who make disciples. We want to call you to everything Jesus is calling you to and nothing more. If there is an area in the covenant that you are not ready to commit to, we want you to know that Resonate is a safe place. We desire to be a community that continually speaks the truth of gospel and affords everyone the safety and time to work out the nitty gritty in the context of loving community. And I really mean that!


Membership Process

For those interested here is the process for becoming a member of Resonate Church. 

  1. Attend (or listen to) all of the sermons from the Resonate: Basics series:  Listen Here
  2. Join a Missional Community:  Info Here
  3. Tell your story (to your MC, and by completing this online form: Membership Questionnaire 
  4. Agree to and sign the Membership Covenant Part 1: Membership Covenant Part 1


Just FYI, there are some who have completed steps 1-3 and have not officially signed the church covenant. There could be many reasons for this:

  1. You may not be ready to proceed
  2. You have not been baptized as a believer
  3. You have simply forgotten
  4. I (Shane) dropped the ball and didn't follow up with you. 

Please email me if you are interested in moving forward in the process -OR- if you have any additional questions.

    - Shane